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Keywords: Sodium Nitrate,  Sodium Nitrite

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Shijiazhuang fengshan chemical industry co., ltd. was founded in 1966, is a state-owned chemical enterprise affiliated to jizhong energy well mining group, is a national high-tech enterprise. It is located in fenghuang road, jingxing mining area, Shijiazhuang city, hebei province. It is 9km north of the second-line shilai highway and 10km east of shitai expressway and 307 national highway, with convenient transportation.

The compan/s leading products for the sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, 2018 annual production reached 110 thousand tons. Main revenue of nearly 300 million yuan. Nitrate production ranked the forefront of the industry, It is one of the major manufacturers of nitrate in China. Products are widely used in dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, glass, emulsion explosives, construction, metallurgy, food processing and other industries.

The company has 292 empJoyees. 56 professional and technical personnel, strong technical force, has a stricl quality assurance system and a complete quality testing means, all products have passed IS09001: 2018 quality management system certification, the company has "the national industry Product Production Permit Safety Production License "and" Sewage Discharge Permit ' In recent years Ihrough technological innovation, improve the production process, product trace element control technology leading domestic industry and enterprises, the scope of application of products not only meet the general market demand, but also to meet the reagents and molten salt and other high-end customer needs. Sales area covering 13 provinces, 4 municipalities, some products are also exported to Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries.

The company is honored as "Integrity enterprises in Hebei Province" and*Heavy contract, keep promise'enterprise for many years.our main product Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrate was awarded the title "quality products in Hebei province* and -Famous brand products of Hebei province'Since 2012 continued national high-tech enterprise certification, four provincial science and technology achievements of science and technology project, and received a number of "national invention patent.

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Keywords: Sodium Nitrate,  Sodium Nitrite

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